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 “come down a bit. 89 tuesday 90 on wednesday. thank you, dan and annual event, bringing together philanthropy and interior design kicks off today at thrift studio shoppers can score high end home goods and more than half off with the money going back to dallas nonprofit fox force consumer reporter steve novello takes us inside. it is absolutely my favorite fundraiser of the year. three studio is the month long home decor pop up shop. take a look for dwell with dignity, and this is a nonprofit organization that really helps houses become homes . these are generally folks who are working their way out of poverty or out of homelessness have been hand selected to have folks come in and really fix up the place that they’re living in, so it’s a place that they can be. proud of. here’s how you can get involved. everything that you see here is all high end designer stuff slashed. we’re talking pennies on the dollar. take a look. look at the gorgeous canning on the front of this four door cabinet inside. of course, plenty of storage again. this is all super high and furniture. this guy would cost you at least $5600 in the store here. it’s less than $1900 at the event is free and open to the public. even if you don’t want to shop come down and be inspired by the more than 10,000 square feet. of showroom space here. what they do is they gather some of the hottest designers in town to create these gorgeous vignettes. i want to show you this place by javier burkle. mrs high drama high contrast normally because you thousands of dollars to get this guy to come into your house to do your space, but you can come here for free and see the space that he created. like. look at this gorgeous city. it is covered in mohair recovered. in fact, the cost of the fabric here costs more than the actual selling price of the entire item. that’s the kind of charity we’re talking about. there’s even some gorgeous curtains to match. okay i know what you’re thinking. those are some pretty big numbers you’re throwing out there, steve. but take a look. there’s really something for everyone here. this clock is only $18. they’ve got all sorts of different accessories here. they’ve got a great collection of custom art from local artists . they even have some really hard to find objects like behind me. this discontinued chandelier from ralph lauren. it’s half off . so where does all this stuff come from? well it’s all new and it’s all donated, which means that all of the money that’s spent here goes directly toward dwell with dignities mission of transforming lives through design. the event runs now through september. 24th tuesday through saturday, and i’ll tell you what they refresh monday afternoons really tuesdays are the best day to come. 10 a.m. to five p.m. there is more information right now on"

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