Accepting Applications

Thrift Studio Artists for 2024

Accepting applications

Submit Original Artwork for Thrift Studio 2024

Thrift Studio is proud to include original artwork generously donated to Dwell with Dignity by many talented artists- apply here.

Featured 2023 artists

Alec DeJesus

“Texas Blues”
21 x 23 
Acrylic on Recycled Silk Screen


Anne Beletic

“She Saw It Coming”
Watercolor on board


Ben Fluno

“Watering the Earth”
48 x 30
Acrylic, & beeswax over mixed media on gallery canvas


Candace Chatman

“Pretty in Pink”
24 x 24
Mixed media with acrylic, alcohol ink, texture, stones, gold foil, glitter and resin on canvas


Carolyn Joe

“Oh Jackie”
18 x 24
Fine Art Giclee under Lucite Acrylic


Chantal Ansari

“Purple Artichoke“
30 x 24
Acrylics on Canvas


Debra Witter

“Lisbon Jeans“
17.5 x 14.5
Digital photo on paper

Douglas King

“Leaving A Mark“
12 x 12
acrylic on canvas paper


Douglas King

“Leaving A Mark“
12 x 12
acrylic on canvas paper


Elizabeth McCoy

“Spring Has Sprung“
21 x 25
Organic materials: Flower petals, leaves, sticks


Erica Pepper

20 x 20
Mixed media 


Erin Collins

“Indigo Afternoon“
24 x 36
Acrylic on Canvas


Hannah Brown

“Busy Dreamin’“
24 x 36
Oil on canvas


Jane Matwijecky

36 x 48
acrylic on canvas

Jane Matwijecky

“Remains of Autumn“

acrylic on canvas

Janelle Burns

21.5 x 21.5
Acrylic and watercolor mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas with white floater frame


Janie Stidham

36 x 48


Jenni Allen

“She’s A Wildflower“
20 x 20
acrylics on canvas


Jennifer Ayyad

“Walk in Kyoto Gardens“
24 x 48
Acrylic on Plexiglass


Jill Malouf

“Fleur Violette“
48 x 24
Acrylic on canvas


Jill Elliott

“A Release”
20 x 16
Oil on canvas


JJ Konon

30 x 40 
Acrylic on cotton canvas

Jonell Champ

“Calming Nature“
20 x 20


Julia Stanger

36 x 36
Acrylic on raw canvas. Raw maple float frame in included.


Julie Shunick Brown

“First Day of Spring”
30 x 40
Acrylic on canvas


Julie Michel

24 x 30
acrylic, oil, charcoal


Kathy Elliott

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?“
48 x 38
Oil on Cradled Panel


Kimberly Kort

“River Flows“
15 x 30
Acrylic fluid paint


La Toya Jones

“My Girl with a Pearl”
24 x 30
Framed archival pigment print


Laura Runge

“Midnight Foxtrot“
36 x 36
Acrylic on canvas


Lori Clark

20 x 20
Acrylic on Canvas


Margaret Rehwinkel

“Circle of Colors“
12 x 12
Acrylic and Ink on canvas


Margaret Harris

“Malaquite Drama”
48 x 36
Acrylic and oil on canvas


Margaret Harris

30 x 40
Acrylic and oil on canvas


Mary Danz

“Impala Sunrise“
47 x 33
Fine Art Photography Paper, Museum Quality Glass, Champagne Wood Frame, Wire Hanging


Mary Anne Smiley

“Curls 8”
36 x 36
Acrylic, water color, ink, crystal glitter on watercolor paper applied to wrapped canvas


Minji Kang-Watrous

“Mid Century Moods – Exterior, Patio, Living Room, & Bedroom“
37.5 x 37.5
Hanji (Korean traditional paper) on board in upcycled frames. All paper and no paint, even the line work is hand cut hanji. They are a set and individually they measure 18.75″ x 18.75″ x 1.5″ framed


Minji Kang-Watrous

“Terra Triptch”
54 x 18
Hanji (Korean traditional paper) and gold leaf on wood panel in acrylic boxes


Nataliya Plambeck

48 x 60
Mixed media. Ink, natural pigments, achrylic and pastels on canvas


Odilia Iaccarino

“Yosemite Falls”
30 x 40
Mixed medium, gesso, ground stone , gold leaf, oil and acrylics on canvas


Rebecca Prince

“African Prince“
28 x 22
Oil, paper, and gold leaf on canvas


Sarah Johnson

“Life to the Full”
36 x 36
Acrylic on Canvas

Shaylee Southerland

“In Bloom”
28 x 28
Textile/fiber art (handspun art yarn, avocado-dyed wool, cotton, wool roving, corespun alpaca, felted wool)


Shraddha Dharia

“Brighter Days”
24 x 30
Acrylic on Canvas

Shraddha Dharia

“Brighter Days”
24 x 30
Acrylic on Canvas

Stephanie Bray

“Orange Roses”
13.5 x 17.5
Oil on Canvas


Susan Colton

“Moonbeams” & “Warmth”
14 x 14
Textile Art


Susan Colton

“Moonbeams” & “Warmth”
14 x 14
Textile Art


Suzy Moritz

“Aspens at Dawn”
24 x 18
Oil on Canvas, gallery wrapped


Teresa Bristol

“Dwell in Aspens”
36 x 36
Oil on Canvas


Tina Ngo

“Faces of Elegance“
30 x 30
Acrylic, Tape on Canvas


Todd Gutmann

36 x 36
acrylic, pastel soft, charcoal and graphite

Tonya Trest

36 x 36
Oil on 1.5 Canvas with Frame


Walter Gray Lamb

24 x 38
Mixed media/collage and colored pencil

Yoonsoo Nam

“Unravel the Mystery“
29 x 23
Threads and acrylic on paper with glass frame