meet our

Thrift Studio Designers

Angeline Guido

Angeline is a native to Dallas, raised in Lake Highlands. Both her parents are home builders/designers; therefore, she grew up running around on job sites and in the design showrooms. Her love affair with all things design started at a very young age and it never stopped, taking her through Interior Design school at Texas Christian University.

Before opening her own business, the previous majority of Angeline’s interior design career was spent in the hospitality industry, designing hotels and restaurants. She always knew she would eventually follow in her parents’ entrepreneurial spirit and start her own company. So in 2014, she made the decision to leave her corporate design position to start her own firm and 6 months later hired her first full-time employee.

Her business has been steadily growing ever since to assemble the amazing and talented team AGD is made of today.

As the main Principal and Owner of the company, Angeline is involved in every aspect of the business from creative to operations. While the firm and book of business has certainly grown over the years, it has always been, and will continue to be, the utmost priority to Angeline that she manages to be a part of the creative process and client experience of every project, giving her team and clients the level of guidance and oversight that her experience brings. AGD is a relationship driven business, ensuring their clients have the best experience, a lot of laughs along the way and that when everything is done they better be invited over for dinner. Angeline will bring the Italian wine! 

Community involvement has always been at the heart of Angeline and her team and she has never shied away from a chance to be involved in something that is doing good.  She and the rest of her team are overjoyed to be a part of Dwell with Dignity and Thrift Studio this year!

Angeline and her husband John, a State Farm agent, live east of Dallas in Heath, TX in the home they built in 2020 together with their two children Smith (7) and Afton (4), and their Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix, Dottie.  You can catch a day in the life with Angeline and her children and the occasional cameo from John (typically against his better wishes) on the AGD Instagram stories.

Charmaine Wynter Interiors


An international, multi-award-winning interior design professional, Charmaine Wynter specializes in a “laid back luxe” style that is as functional for her residential and hospitality clients as it is beautiful. Her successful creative vision features design influences from North America and Europe to create fiercely loyal clients and fans from across the globe. Her “superpower” is an innovative use of color and detail to bring to life her design vision. Charmaine believes an expert interior designer marries effective interior design skills with mental and emotional health to create beautiful interiors that promote wellness.

In the 1990s, Charmaine was at the inception of design reality television, appearing on Canadian TV for nine seasons of The Decorating Challenge (a precursor to Trading Spaces), Room to Grow on W-Network Canada for two seasons, and on Divine Restoration in Canada and the US on Vision Network. Her popular Ask a Designer newspaper advice column led to a stint on local radio where fans called in to discuss topics for improving their office and home spaces. Years later, a move to Dallas sparked The Living Well Radio Show, which eventually moved from radio to reach a wider podcast audience. 

Today, she uses her passion for interior design to lead her team, providing concierge services with timely turnaround to shape and transform executive homes, vacation rentals, boutique hotels, and turn-key resorts for her bespoke clientele world-wide.

Charmaine hosts a weekly Instagram Live, Chatting with Charmaine, and is in discussions to bring a new television show to the viewing audience.

Noel Pittman Design


Noel Pittman Design is a full-service interior design firm based in Dallas, Texas. After completing her master’s degree in interior architecture at Pratt Institute, Noel worked in New York and Los Angeles before establishing Noel Pittman Design in Dallas.

Approaching each project with the client’s individuality and lifestyle in mind, Noel believes a home should reflect the people that live in it. Noel mixes new, antiques, and custom pieces to create timeless, one-of-a-kind interiors. Noel’s work has been featured in Veranda, Southern Living, and Paper City magazine along with numerous online publications. 

Roz Murphy


With a passion to create luxury designs that are as comfortable as they are timeless, Roz Murphy created Roz Murphy Design in 2002, specializing in full service home design.

From the initial planning process, to furniture selections, to installing the very last accessory, Roz will guide you through your entire home design process. Her expertise includes custom window treatments, residential design and decoration, and commercial window treatment fabrication. She has completed design work for boutiques such as Neiman Marcus’ CUSP. Roz operates her business on the primary belief that a client’s home is their own, and their vision is the priority. With thoughtful aptitude she brings her clients’ design dreams to life. Sophisticated and vibrant design is something she thrives on. Roz Murphy also works as an expert designer for new construction and remodel projects, helping to facilitate the entire process. Her years of experience designing and customizing corporate spaces, executive offices and other commercial venues across various industries also speaks to the broad span of her proficiency.

RI Studio Dallas


Principal designer Terra McNutt founded RI Studio in 2018 after 10 years of working at high-end, luxury design firms across Texas.  The residential design firm serves Dallas and the greater Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex.

Terra is known for designing imaginative spaces that blend architectural elements with bespoke details, resulting in timeless and elevated designs unique to each client.  Her love for design began as a child accompanying her father to construction sites. 

Today Terra uses that knowledge in combination with her degree in interior design and architecture to specialize in custom design build homes and remodeling projects as well as creating elevated and unique interior designs for furnishings. 

Terra’s work has been featured in local and national publications and won multiple industry awards.

Joel Baldazo

Designer. Space Reinventor.
Visual Merchandiser. Connector.

Joel Baldazo works with clients all over Texas, helping them reimagine their lives and their spaces. As a connector, Joel knows no stranger. He embraces the creative needs of all and has built a strong network of movers & shakers.

His clients especially value his ability to create spaces that aren't just beautiful, they are, but also reflective of their personalities. Personal touches, practical ideas and chic design come together to create environments that breathe and live in harmony with the people who call them home.That is the magical talent Joel brings to every project.

Kristen Fegale

Kristen Fegale Interiors is a full-service interiors studio, focusing on high-end residential design.We approach each project as a whole-thinking of the exteriors, but creating an interior environment that flows, has moments of excitement, and brings clients to a place they call home.

Kristen’s passion for detail and client relationships are what drives her to create inviting and personalized spaces. She loves understanding a client’s patterns of daily living--what functions for them, what calms them and what stimulates them. Diving deep into sourcing unique and quality pieces, Kristen is inspired to use handmade materials and hand-crafted furnishings todevelop spaces that nurture the soul. She feels a home should flow from room to room-but witha fewsurprises to make her client’s spaces unique and interesting.

Kristen grew up in Birmingham, AL and graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi, summa cum laude, with a degree in Interior Design. Kristen resides in Dallas, TX with her husband, two children, and her mini-Goldendoodle. In her spare time, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family, studying design (yes, it’s true, she can’t get enough), and painting.

Kristen and the rest of the KFI team are excited to participate in Dwell withDignity’s 2023Thrift Studio!

Sari Moore

SMI Design & Fine Paint, LLC specializes in hand-painted furniture which
follows techniques of 18th century European furniture and the decorative

We work one on one with Interior Designers to create custom finishes for existing, antique, and custom furniture.

With a degree in Interior Design from Baylor University, Sari practiced design for over 30 years, but her true passion has always been painting.

Three years ago, Sari completed her first commissioned piece for Schooler Kellogg & Company. From there, SMI Design & Fine Paint has grown and evolved with many more wonderful collaborations. 

Rachel Williams joined Sari 2 years ago and together they continue to create custom
pieces for Interior Designers.