About Dwell with Dignity

Dwell with Dignity (DwD) currently serves 14,000 individuals each year. The Transforming Together program has two areas of service -- Family Home Installations and Community Partner Projects.

Family Home Installations: We are installing a complete family home, including all furnishings, décor, and food, every other week for a new family.

We partner with local social services agencies that have programs in place to take families from homelessness & poverty to self-sufficiency. They nominate families that have made a commitment to self-sufficiency and changing their life.

Often, after a family has received all of the counseling, training, and support from our partner agencies, they find themselves struggling to provide a home in which they can thrive. Dwell with Dignity addresses this critical economic need through our mission.

We believe in deeply impacting one family at a time in order to end the generational cycle of poverty.

Community Partner Projects: In 2020, DwD innovated in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With home makeovers on hiatus, the organization added a new dimension -- redesigning and outfitting spaces of nonprofit partners, schools, and civic organizations in the Dallas area.

Many nonprofits do not have the budget to create soothing, peaceful, and inspiring environments for important spaces such as therapy rooms, nurseries, clothing boutiques, and teacher lounges.

DwD stepped in to help with this need through this added element to support the good work others are doing in the community.

Dwell with Dignity’s mission is to transform lives through design.

We feel that if we can change a person’s environment, we can change a person’s outlook on life. When we provide our families a place to be proud of and thrive in, we have set the stage for breaking the cycle of poverty and setting up future generations for success.

Often times, after a family has received all of the counseling, training, and support from our partner agencies, they find themselves struggling to provide a home in which they can thrive. Dwell with Dignity addresses this critical economic need through our mission.

Dwell with Dignity is also focused on sustainability. We love donations because we know that those items will find a good home, whether they're placed into a family home or community project, or sold at Thrift Studio to a loving customer. Every family and every piece of furniture deserves a second chance.

As of 2022, we have completed over 215 projects which includes single-family homes and community spaces.

We work with agencies that have accountability-based programs with case workers and counselors providing guidance to help families achieve self-sufficiency. 

For an Agency Application, please email Diana Einstein at dianaeinstein@dwellwithdignity.org.

Exodus Ministries, Family GatewayFamily Place, GenesisHabitat for Humanity, Make a Wish, New Friends New LifePromise House, and Shared Housing Center, to name a few.

Approved social service agencies nominate the families we serve.

Dwell with Dignity does not employ caseworkers. Our agencies select the families they feel can benefit the most from a Dwell with Dignity living space.

We use mostly donated items for our living spaces that come from a variety of sources including our local community, the design community, and retailers in the home industry.

If you would like to donate items, you can find a list of items we can accept and not accept on our site here and you can fill out a form detailing those items.

There are also many items we purchase for every project including children’s bedding, upholstered items, cribs and more.

Want to watch how our donated pieces are transformed? See the video

Our biggest fundraiser is Thrift Studio. Thrift Studio is not like any other thrift store.

It’s a one-of-a-kind pop-up shop created to provide financial viability and fundraising for Dwell with Dignity through selling the overstock of donated new and gently used furniture, housewares, accessories, and high end designer finds to the public.

Each Thrift Studio has a cast of fabulous designers that design and install vignettes using items from our warehouse as well as items they have donated from their own inventory.  All items are for sale to allow Dwell with Dignity to help families escape poverty & homelessness.

Dwell with Dignity also relies on individual donations and corporate contributions to meet our fundraising goals.

There are a variety of ways to help; make financial donations, volunteer to help with DIY projects or events, and come to Thrift Studio and tell your friends. See our volunteer page for details.

Dwell with Dignity currently has a chapter in Dallas, Texas with no plans for further expansion at this time.