Fox 4 News at 10 Story

Video Transcript:

“… thanks a Ukrainian refugee family who escaped the Russian invasion saw their newly redesigned home in North Texas for the first time. Marcia and Roman Cherchez, their two children, and Marsha’s mother left nearly all their belongings behind when they fled Maria Paul earlier this year. the apartment has since been destroyed. They made it to North Texas, renting a home in Ireland to be closer to Masha’s sister. that’s when Dwell with Dignity, stepped in to help furnish and decorate their home. Tonight, the family saw the space for the first time family shared their appreciation with the help of an interpreter. Been through a lot in this past four months, and it’s been really hard for them to adapt to new culture, new mentality and everything and it’s very hard to express how they feel inside. The home even came with sunflowers, which had become a symbol of solidarity during the war. The couple had a balloon business back in Ukraine and Dwell with Dignity is also helping them restart it here in north Texas.”

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