Nonprofit Celebrates 13 years

Dwell with Dignity, a nonprofit founded by a Lakewood neighbor, is partnering with Fort Worth-based nonprofit The Net.

Lisa Robison founded Dwell with Dignity in March 2009. The nonprofit focuses on improving lives through design of family homes and community spaces, including through partnering with other organizations such as The Net.

The Net works to raise awareness of sex trafficking and exploitation and supports people who have experienced them. In its partnership with Dwell with Dignity, The Net will nominate families on the road to completing their social service programs to receive free interior design services from the Dallas-based nonprofit.

“The Net is closely aligned with our mission at Dwell with Dignity as the nonprofit is transforming women’s lives and empowering them to break out of the generational cycle of poverty and trauma. We’re proud to partner with The Net to give their survivors who’ve persevered and graduated from their programs the beautiful gift of interior design,” Ashley Sharp, Dwell with Dignity’s executive director, said in a press release.

Dwell with Dignity will provide design consultation to families before transforming and outfitting homes with furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, books and custom artwork.


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