Newswest 9 Story on Dwell with Dignity

Video Transcript:

“new meaning to a home makeover. they re turning some special spaces..into little libraries. inside this habitat for humanity home volunteers add the final touches. ” i read this in middle school!”- volunteer a surprise for adam and his 15-year-old son ezekial. “welcome home!”- volunteer dwell with dignity organizers decorated their new house in dallas. “extremely nice yes i love it.”- adam filled with everything that makes it feel like home. “this i going to be very nice”- adam picture gallery. plus– a fresh feature that s “turning a page” 2:01:29- “i really nice to expand the imagination.” a min library for children. 2:00:33-39 “i love that he has book-shelf in his room so he can collect his own books.”- adam literacy– now at the forefront of these home makeover projects. 2:02:18-21 “i think anythin that gets more books to more people is a wonderful thing.” adam it s a new chapter for dwell with dignity and the dallas public library. natpop- rearranging books a partnership to increase reading levels by getting more books into more homes. 2:04:18-28 “in order to make it more of who they are and what their family wants to be, this allows them to read books together at night, this allows them to do better in school.” diana einstein/community engagement director dwd it s especially important to adam who s bound to add more books to ezekial s library. 2:02:22-33 “they allow you avenues t escape where you are or learn to do things that you didn t know how to do and a more permanent way than say internet, videos and other stuff can provide.” -adam providing a gif of reading that families can open again and again. in dallas i m susanne brunner”

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