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“less then last night when it was more like 80% who said no. thanks for voting. chris: a good school can really anchor a community. lincoln high school is filling that role in south dallas, where demond fernandez got a look at a community resource center that is the first of its kind. reporter: the historic lincoln high school in south dallas — >> it is a beautiful, beautiful place. demond: alumni and neighbors described it as a community hub, and now, the house is ready to invite more neighbors to its campus. think in high school is officially opening its new community resource this week in the original school building. >> it is significant. we need all the resources and help we can get. demond: this space has computers and printing stations for parents and local residents to use, a coffee bar and lounge for meetings, a closet filled with uniforms, clothing and hygiene items for students and neighbors. and it is stacked with snacks for those needing relief. >> these kids need us. reporter: she is from the class of 1952. >> we need all we can get. with god’s love, grace and mercy. that is what this is, god’s grace, love and mercy. reporter: the united way, and other nonprofits are among community partners who work to bring this place to live, transforming the school’s storage place for this colorful resource center. >> we are appreciative of community resource centers like this because they show that the community is willing to invest in our students. reporter: he is the cochair of dallas isd 2025. that initiative included about $2100 to invest in community resource centers like this in a variety of campuses. >> we are super excited because this small example is a proof point of what is yet to come. demond: so you can expect to see more community resource hubs like this and on a larger scale, opening up in schools across the”

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