May 2022 Monthly Newsletter

DwD on The List

You won’t want to miss this truly incredible piece by The List on Dwell with Dignity featuring Adriana, a former DwD family home transformation recipient who now owns the beautiful Viva La Brow salon. At Dwell with Dignity, we know that what you’re surrounded by impacts your mental health, and when your space is transformed, your life can be too. Watch the piece now!

The celebrations continue!
Celebrating Lisa Robison’s 13 Years as Board Chair

This month, DwD Staff and Board Members gathered for a special luncheon to celebrate Dwell with Dignity founder Lisa Robison’s 13 years as DwD Board Chair. Next month, Jason Needleman of Peacock Alley will take over as Chair.

Although we know Lisa will continue to serve Dwell with Dignity’s mission, we thank her for 13 incredible years of leadership!

DwD + CityLab

Citylab is a Dallas ISD Choice high school introducing students to architecture, urban planning and environmental sustainability through rigorous project-based curriculum. Ashley Sharp and Diana Einstein from the DwD team, along with DwD volunteer and local designer Shelly Rosenberg, met with students, teachers and staff who directly inspired the space. They asked DwD to create a Student Resiliency Center from a currently empty and unused area of the school. The Citylab community asked for vibrant colors, comfortable and flexible seating and a place to leave positive messages to others. We were honored to partner on the creation of this space.

DwD + Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture

Dwell with Dignity transformed a large event space, reception area and two bathrooms that will host over 500 attendees, nonprofits and teachers each year. The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture is a nonprofit educational organization whose purpose is to enrich and deepen the practical life of the city with the wisdom and imagination of the humanities. They accomplish their mission through events, conferences, and general courses of study for our community, through professional programs for educators, and through publications.

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