A roof is not enough

Once families gather funds to rent an apartment, the cost of furnishing it can be overwhelming. Dwell with Dignity supplies them with furniture, art, and kitchen essentials so they can create a home for their family.

a bare bones apartment and air mattress don't make a home

Dwell with Dignity started as a way for the interior design community to give back because we know that good design is anything but frivolous. It creates meaningful change.

We inspire kids by surrounding them with beautiful art, a great place to do their homework and a cozy bed to rest up for the next day's adventures. And inspire adults to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and in which they can thrive.

we create meaningful outcomes

continued employment

100% remained employed for 12 months following their home installation.

better grades in school

100% saw positive changes in their children’s overall behavior and academic performance

Improved financial management

92% say they manage their finances better due to their improved living conditions.

Dwell with dignity is a 4-Star charity

Charity Navigator gives us a perfect score of 100% for Impact, Results, Accountability, Finance, Leadership and more.

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we fill bare rooms with essentials, and lots of love

Imagine a cozy bed, a couch to snuggle on and a table where meals can be shared. The things we take for granted are a luxury to many families living below the poverty line.

...Because a roof alone isn't enough

Shelter is essential, but that alone doesn't help families thrive. When families first move into an apartment, they often don't have the funds to turn it into a home.

While it's a great step forward to have their own space, it is still far from the environment they need to begin to thrive.

That's where our team and volunteers step in.

success stories

Shemeka - One Year Later

Trista - Birthday Party

Candace - coming home

Empowering futures

To qualify for Dwell with Dignity's support, an individual must have a job and a child.

Families need places where they can thrive - this means having a home where friends and families can visit, kids have a safe and comfortable place to study, and memories can be made.

DwD does more than just fill homes with furniture, art, and kitchen essentials - we help families take a step forward toward building the futures they deserve.

generous sponsors make this possible

We also help strengthen our communities

North Dallas high school

Our team transformed their community meeting room and homeless student assistance center into beautiful spaces for students, teachers, and administrators alike to spend time.

Community does it

Community Does It serves a zip code that has the second-highest occurrence of behavioral health hospitalizations throughout all of North Texas.

911 Call Center

Spending all day answering stressful, heartbreaking calls from people in crisis takes a tremendous toll on even the most seasoned 911 operators.

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